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do_it_later's Journal

I'll Do It Later
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Inspired by me and my friends all procrastinating and having fun posting about it in our ljs, I created a community about it (well, that and no one else had a code to do it but me. so yeah.)! So come and join and discuss...procrastination. And things.

Even though there IS another community about procrastination (procrasunite (thanks Kara!) , we are very different from them. And why? Look, I'm awake enough to do a whole detailed thing!

This is a whole community devoted to procrastination. Procrastinators of all ages can come here and share their problems and frustrations with the habit, support each other, and work together to find solutions. We can delve into the "why" of procrastination, analyze what makes us do it, come up with effective solutions, or just scream about how much it frustrates us. We're all in the same boat. Also, any "recovering procrastinators" are more than welcome to join us, share your stories, and what worked to make you stop. Or rather, what worked to make you START!

Dude, we are so NOT analyzing any of this! We have enough to do! This is pure fun. We're procrastinators and proud of it (uh, well, we don't really ENJOY it, but we're not exactly trying to kick the 'habit').

This community is meant to discuss procrastination, not to enable it. It's not the place to come and say, "I'm procrastinating on my homework...so I'm going to write about blah blah blah blah." Try to keep discussion on topic!

Yeah, so if you read that and said, "Um, what? I want to enable it!" then you need to come and join here. Because that's what this community is for. To say "I'm procrasting on my homework...and...". Miss Kayyourcandlesout put it very well when she said that there should be "a community to post nonsense and share ways to waste large amounts of time with others who have far better things to be doing but no desire to do them." And that is what this is!

In short, this is just fun. Meant for entertainment. And things (a little phrase I add on way too much). So do join if you don't care for the analytical shit. Have fun!