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A community dedicated to procrastination... BRILLIANT!

Livejournal itself is a beautiful form of procrastination. Random journal searches, six-degrees-of-seperation "Hey, you're friends with my friend that I found in [insert community name here]! RAD!" and all that. Following strange sounding interest links. It's so wonderful.

Adding communities is a way of procrastinating, then you make friends!

I am here because I have never wanted to write a paper less. I just told my friend "Alright, I'm going to get a drink of water, then I'm giong to write another page before class..." YEAH RIGHT. I found you lovely and beautiful people who actually MOCK other procrastination communities in your userinfo. I honestly think that my procrastination can get out of hand, but their "This is not an enabling community" description is laughable. Procrastination is a way of life, especially for an American college student. You can get a LOT done when you procrastinate, just not the thing you're supposed to be doing. I actually read an essay written by a professor at an Ivy League school about the merits of procrastination. It was beautiful.

Alright, so, what's your least favorite thing to do, and what's your favorite way to avoid doing it?

Lately I've been picking up my Harry Potter books and opening to random pages to read until I either get bored or absolutely have to go do something else. And, of course, livejournal.

I'm Julie, by the way. English Lit major during DEATH WEEK (AKA Week before finals) with five more pages (out of eight) left to write on Phillis Wheatley. Do any of you know how to perform lobotomies?
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